Wednesday, April 16, 2014

bird.i.y.: salad bowl plant stand

I wish I could take full credit for the bulk of this DIY. truth be told, all I did to make this was thrift, think outside the box, and paint. Thrifting and thinking outside the box are easy for me, painting on the other hand I could do without. Let's just say that no one would nor should ever hire me to paint anything for them. If you want to hire me to thrift for you, that's another story.

A quick little story about salad bowls on legs. Chris and I went out to celebrate a friend's birthday a few years ago. Chris (being Chris) decided to order a chop salad. The waiter asked him if he was sure, as the salad was meant to share. Chris, thinking with his belly, ordered it anyways. The waiter came out a few minutes later (I'm sure with a smirk on his face) with a gigantic salad bowl on legs and sat it next to Chris. And Chris (I'm sure with a smirk on his face) ate the whole thing. 

So, with that back story, when I saw this giant salad bowl on legs (complete with hooks to hang the spoons) at Goodwill, I knew I had to have it. I wasn't sure at the time what I'd do with it, but for $6.99 and an outside the box attitude, I went for it.
I am still not sure what I plan to do with it, it will either stay as a plant stand in our living room, or I might bring it downstairs to our playroom and fill it with crayons and fun craft stuff. Time will tell, but for now, I like it in the living room.

Here's how it started out...

A few coats of white spray paint on the legs, a few coats of tiffany blue paint on the bowl (I honestly keep a quart of this color on hand at all times) and a colorful table is made.

Put it all back together, throw in a fun succulent (or another plant that doesn't require a ton of sun) and a plant stand is made.

That's it!! Easy peasy.
megan bird

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

outfit of the day(bird): weekend fun

dress~ Macy's
shoes~ b. (a resale shop)
necklaces~ Etsy and vintage
watch~ Michael Kors

I ended up throwing on a cropped, faux-leather jacket with this dress before I went out and it really pulled the whole look together. I am slightly annoyed that I took blog photos of this outfit without the jacket (don't you hate that?), but what are you gonna do? It's really not that big a deal. It's a cute dress on its own, but trust me when I say that it looked way cuter with the jacket. Do you trust me? Okay, cool. Thanks. Now that that's off my chest...

This past weekend was really fun and full of hanging out with friends. It's amazing what good times with great friends can do for a gal's spirits. It started on Friday when Megan and I attended a fun fashion event. We got to hang with a few awesome local bloggers, some that we had not met before, so that was really cool. And, afterward, we ended up sharing a glass of wine and a lot of laughs with some especially cool ladies. Saturday was a family day. The kids and I spent the morning at the zoo while Jim was working. That evening we went out for dinner and ice cream as a family. On Sunday, I met three of my oldest and best friends (we have all been friends for almost 30 years!) for brunch. It's rare that we can all get together at once, so it was a special treat to see all of their gorgeous faces at the same time! And that evening we had another couple of dear friends over for dinner and the Madmen premier! It was a great weekend and it felt really long, which I so love!

I hope you all enjoyed your weekend and are now having a great week!

xoxo, nora bird

Monday, April 14, 2014

inspiration monday: make-up medley

the inspiration
Emmy Rossum
megan bird

jeans ~ Old Navy
tank ~ TJ Maxx
blazer ~ Target
booties ~ Shoedazzle
sunglasses ~ thrifted

nora bird

jacket ~ hand-me-down from sister
shirt ~ H&M
jeans ~ Levis
necklace ~ Etsy, gift
watch ~ Michael Kors
bracelet ~ gift from mother-in-law

Chris and I have very similar taste in music, for the most part. There are a few bands and styles of music that he loves that I certainly do not, though. For instance, he loves techno dance music and for some reason, The Crash Test Dummies. He also loves Morrissey, and I can't stand his whiny music, except for the song Please, Please, Please Let Me Get What I Want. (Don't worry, I am telling you all of this for a reason.)

Yesterday, we got in a fight. It was one of those pointless arguments that ended with me stomping upstairs. About 10 minutes later, I knew it was a dumb argument, and I knew I should just go back downstairs and make up. But I am stubborn. So instead, I grabbed my phone, logged on to Sonos and played Mmm Mmm Mmm Mmm for him. It ended, and clearly he had grabbed his phone and logged on to Sonos, because after my horrible song ended, he played Please, Please, Please for me. I then played some David Guetta dance music, and it went on from there. 

I walked downstairs, he smiled at me and said, "Is this how we're going to make up from now?" And you know what, it might be? It was funny and painless (except for the listening to The Crash Test Dummies part)and we officially didn't have to say I'm sorry, we just knew we were.

megan bird

For next week's inspiration picture, click here.

Friday, April 11, 2014

love*birds: 4.11.14

Things I am loving this week:
~ Our baby sister is having a baby in a few weeks. I can't believe it...I guess this means I have to start thinking of her as an adult now.
~ Chris and I are preparing for a crossfit couple's challenge next week. We buy this package every year at the kids' school fundraiser, and we have a blast every time.
~ I am almost done with T25. Seriously, I am so sick of it.
~ That means I can start running every morning again.
~ And THAT means that spring is finally here!!!

Here are some other things we love this week.

megan bird
aquamarine leaf rings
I am in love with the simple and elegant look of these stacking rings. They are delicate and make a statement all at once.

home is where your mom is print
This is so true, right? I personally think so, and I hope my kids will continue to think so, too, as they grow older. (And this would make a great Mother's Day gift!)

zip tote ~ triangle
How cute is this? It would even make a cute diaper bag for my sister! For me, I would just fill it with lipstick, change and random pieces of gum....just like any other fabulous purse!

vintage maxi dress
I need a reason to wear this dress. Is grocery shopping a good enough reason? No one would look at me funny, right? But really, how gorgeous is this? I love the color and the silhouette is universally flattering!

coordinate bracelets
What a cool idea! These are called sister bracelets, which makes me smile because my sisters and I are always buying same items, and we call them sister (whatever). We have sister necklaces, sweatshirts, and rings, but we don't have sister bracelets. I might need to change that!

A Little Bird on Grand
This store is a little hidden gem in South Minneapolis. Nora and I have met the owner, Jodi, and she is truly amazing. She has an eye for fashion and decor, and her shop is full of fabulousness. If you ever need a gift of any kind, Mother's Day, wedding, or a little something for yourself, this is the store to go to!

follow along @meglets

This picture is about 7 years old, and I love it so much. The other day, I carried Eva in my arms because she let me, and then I saw this picture and almost couldn't remember her being this small.

nora bird
vintage embroidered blouse

I have been searching for an embroidered, boho style blouse, just like this! Lots of stores are selling similar styles right now, but none of them feel quite right. I love that this one is vintage and I adore the bright, beautiful colors.

dual birthstone ring

Someone (me) may have sent my husband a (not so) subtle email with a link to this ring and a reminder that Mother's Day is right around the corner! I would love to own a ring with both of my kids' birthstones! How sweet! And so pretty!

barefoot sandals

These sandals are so simple yet so gorgeous. They would look so great with almost everything! Simply the perfect everyday sandal.

vintage bucket bag

I love a simple, classic bag. This vintage bucket style is super functional and so cute!

hanging planter

In one of the corners of my living room, there is a hook with nothing hanging on it. Lonely little hook. Every time I am at the thrift store, I search for the perfect hanging planter. I have yet to thrift one, but this handmade, mid-century style planter is calling my name! I would look perfect in my little corner!


Ethnique Nouveau is a vegan store located just across the street from A Little Bird on Grand. 100% of their profits go toward local animal advocacy programs. They sell purses, home goods, books for adults and children, cookbooks, health and body care products for people of all ages, greeting cards, children's games, scarves, jewelry, companion animal treats, clothing for adults and kids, and a variety of vegan foods and treats. It is the perfect place to find animal friendly fashion, gifts, and snacks! Every time I am there, I stock up on vegan marshmallows! Yum!

follow along @mrsbeyers

I snapped this photo of the kids right when they woke up yesterday morning. I love the morning light shining on their faces. And, of course, their bed heads. So sweet, those two.

What are you loving today?

xoxo, two birds

Thursday, April 10, 2014

outfit of the day(bird): a bit of flare

shirt (cardigan? kimono?) and tank~ Marshalls
jeans and sandals~ b. (a resale shop)
necklace~ Heartbreaker
sunglasses~ Old Navy

I live in Minnesota and I love that we get to experience all the of seasons. Each year, sometime around February, I usually forget that I love experiencing Winter. But, for the most part, I really do enjoy all four seasons. But Spring! Spring is where it's at, am I right? It's so glorious with all its firsts. The first big snow melt. The first day above 40 degrees. The first day you can venture out without a jacket or winter boots. The first day that it's warm enough to open your car windows and turn the radio volume up full blast! Opening the windows at home for the first time since Fall and hearing the birds singing outside! Your first meal or drink on a patio! Spotting the first robin or tulip of the season! Seeing all of your neighbors out and about for the first time since Christmas. And, of course, wearing wide-legged jeans for the first time since last Summer. For me, Fall and Winter are all about skinny jeans and leggings tucked into boots. But come Spring, and out come the flares and wide legs and platform sandals! And, clearly, it has been far too long since I have worn these jeans because when I came downstairs wearing them, Mimi said to me, "Oh, no no no, Mama. Not those jeans. Those jeans are much much too big right here." And she pointed to my ankles and tried to hurry me back upstairs to change. But she had better get used to them because I am not putting them back. At least, not until October!

What is your favorite season?

xoxo, nora bird

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

bird.i.y: wrapped mason jar vases

I love having fresh flowers in my home (allergies, be damned!). I almost always have a vase-full on display in my living room. Now that Spring has finally sprung, I know I will be buying lots more flowers at farmer's markets and my kids will be bringing home little bouquets of wildflowers that they find during their outdoor adventures. And I recently realized that I don't have enough cute vases to display all of these future flowers of which I am dreaming! And that brings us to today's DIY. I had a small collection of thrifted mason jars and, while they make cute little vases on their own, I decided to spruce them up a bit.

I grabbed some embroidery thread in bright, spring-y colors, some jute twine (not pictured), a tube of craft glue, and my jars, and I went to work. This was an easy, albeit slightly time consuming, DIY. I simply dabbed some craft glue at my starting point and began wrapping the thread around the jars, gluing every so often. I alternated between the thread and the twine, creating a different look for each jar.

When the glue was dry, I filled the jars with flowers and water and displayed them on my dining room table! I love how they look! These would be fun filled with succulents, too! Or sea shells! Or feathers! Really, the options are endless. I'll stick with the flowers, for now.

They really make a fun addition to our dining room. So bright and happy!

Happy Spring!

xoxo, nora bird

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

outfit of the day(bird): pencil top eraser

jeans ~ Ross
t-shirt, belt, bracelets ~ thrifted
ring, earrings ~ Forever 21
shoes ~ Ebay
necklace ~ Burlington

When I was a little kid, my neighborhood was the best. It was full of other kids, it had windy roads to run and play in, and the ice cream truck regularly drove down our street. And on rainy days, our neighbor's houses were equally as fun, filled with tons of exciting toys and great places to hide.

One day we were playing hide and seek across the street in our neighbor's house. I was in their giant playroom and decided to hide in a drawer that normally housed stuffed animals. As I opened the drawer, I noticed something underneath it. It was a simple pencil top eraser...the kind that you buy in packs of 12 that fit perfectly on pencils. For some reason, I never got pencil top erasers at my house, and I desperately wanted one. I was about eight, and assumed that since the eraser was forgotten underneath the drawer, no one would notice or even care if i took it. So I did.

About two weeks later, I had my first confession at church. And this was the old school catholic kneeling down with the priest behind a curtain, in a little room with a locked door. I was eight and terrified. So when the priest asked me to confess my sins, I told him the usual...I fought with my sister and was mean to my mom. And then he prodded me, as if he knew my deepest secret. I sat silently for a minute and he asked me one more time if I had more to tell him. And it was then that I burst into inconsolable, hiccuping tears and confessed about the eraser. 

Luckily after 20 Hail Marys, I was forgiven and never stole from them again.
megan bird